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Alumni Association Update (Continued):
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to all who voted in elections on Thursday, 2/6/97, to Tony Inzodda for producing the ballot, and to Frank and Bobbie McKinnon who contacted those who voted by proxy.
to Iron Workers Local 7 for allowing us to use their hall for practice on Thursday nights.
to Dianne Myers who called in November and helped us locate Topper Carew.  Dianne's son is in the Phoenix drum and bugle corps and she is interested in our Color Guard.
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Our next Alumni Association meeting is Thursday, April 3, 1997 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fogg-Roberts American Legion Post in Hyde Park. The main item of business will be the first review of the new by-laws.

Its never too early to mark your calendar for our annual reunion dinner-dance to be held this year on Saturday night, September 27th at Florian Hall, 55 Hallett St., Dorchester.  (The same location as this year's Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame dinner.)  Those who came last year had a great time, so be there or be square!
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Well our third issue has finally gone to press.  We almost didn't make it due to my bouts with the flu and pneumonia this winter.  Sorry for the late release.

There is one deliberate and obvious typo in this newsletter to see how many of you really read it cover to cover.  Call me at (617) 784-3516 if you find it.

Space permitting, we will publish all the correspondence we receive. If you send photographs, we will keep them only long enough to scan them into the computer.  Please address all correspondence to Cadet's Corner at 6 Worcester Road, Sharon, MA 02067-2615.

Remember When . . . .

. . . We looked like this? How many Corps members can you recognize?
[Cadets - 1956]
Holy Trinity Cadets - 1956

. . . We had our first Military Mass in 1958? All the CYO corps were invited and Cardinal Cushing, famous for his long sermons, was the celebrant.  He was escorted during his entrance by four male Cadets carrying the old Springfield rifles.  He commented that others had used many unique hints to remind him to keep his sermons short but no one had ever used a "firing squad".
. . . A certain Cadet on our trip to Milwaukee in 1956 had his hair set in pin curls with "Bobbie" pins.  How about that Frank McKinnon?
. . . Phil Martin's episode with his infamous black eye?  It was a real shiner that made the NBC peacock look bland!
Hey Phil, run into any bikers lately?

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