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Troubadour Tidbits

[Troubadours - 1958]
Holy Trinity Troubadours - 1958

The Holy Trinity Troubadours were formed as a feeder corps for the Cadets.  Many of the people in this picture
marched with the Cadets, for example, Ricky Rogers, front row left, became our last Drum Major.  How many can you
recognize?  The adults are, from left to right, Walt Whitney, Fr. Carr wearing his ever famous hat, and Matt Flaherty.

Alumni Corps Update

The hats are finally here, white shakos with 8 inch blue plumes.  They really look sharp!

Fr. Pennisi joined us for practice in November.  We worked under his watchful eye (photo right) as he sported his new Holy Trinity Cadets cap.  He was pleased to be there and we were very happy to see him again.

John Gore says "We are starting to sound like a drum corps!"  How's that for improvement?   We are learning our third song, "The Lord's Prayer".  As was always our custom, we will
now have one piece of music appropriate for somber occasions.  We're all working hard to improve but we desperately need first sopranos.  Come by and give us a try!

Our horn line practices twice each week: We hold sectionals on Monday nights at the Fogg-

[Fr. Pennisi - 13.5K]
Roberts Post in Hyde Park and we conduct full corps rehearsals on Thursday nights at the Iron Workers Local 7 Union Hall in South Boston.  You now have two opportunities each week to come by and check us out.

We made contact this month with two other local alumni associations through our internet web site (see Page 4).
The first is the Rhode Island Matadors Alumni Association in Pawtucket, RI.  They have an active association but no plans for a corps.  The second is the Blue Angels Alumni Association in Danvers, MA.  They are looking for
advice on starting an alumni corps.  I've been in touch with both and we plan to exchange newsletters.  More on this in a later issue.

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