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 Volumes 1 & 2
Table Of Contents 1996 - 1998 
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In His Memory (Volume 1 - Issue 1)
Dedication of Cadet's Corner to Fr. Robert J. Carr S.J., Founder of the Holy Trinity Cadets
Victory Over Prejudice (Volume 1 - Issue 2)
"A Lesson in Living" from a 1961 Boston Record-American feature about the Holy Trinity Cadets
George Jannette (Volume 1 - Issue 3)
Dedication of Volume 1 - Issue 3 to George Jannette, instructor, mentor and friend
Robert "Bob" Devlin (Volume 2 - Issue 1)
Recognition of Bob's induction into the Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame

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Alumni Association Charter (Volume 1 - Issue 1)
Who we are and why we formed an Alumni Association
Queen's Maids Quorum (Volume 1 - Issue 2)
1955 photograph and History of the Holy Trinity Queen's Maids
Troubadour Tidbits (Volume 1 - Issue 3)
1958 photograph and comments about the Holy Trinity Troubadours
Beantown Bugle - July 1956 (Volume 2 - Issue 1)
Reprint of an article by Eddie Rooney praising Fr. Carr and the Holy Trinity Cadets

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Alumni Association Update
Follow the accomplishments of the Association.
Volume 1:   (Issue 1)  (Issue 2)  (Issue 3)
Volume 2:   (Issue 1)

Alumni Corps Update
Follow the accomplishments of the Corps.
Volume 1:   (Issue 1)  (Issue 2)  (Issue 3)
Volume 2:   (Issue 1)

Then and Now
Photographs of members in the 50's and in the 90's.
Volume 1:   (Issue 3)
Volume 2:   (Issue 1)

Trinity Trivia
Some fun with trivia and photographs.
Volume 1:   (Issue 2)  (Issue 3)
Volume 2:   (Issue 1)

Remember When
Humorous and serious reflections on Corps history.
Volume 1:   (Issue 1)  (Issue 2)  (Issue 3)

Editorial comments and reflections.
Volume 1:   (Issue 2)

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