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Alumni Association Update

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We received a letter from Julio Miglierini on November 4, 1996.  Here are some excerpts:

"To all of the members of the Holy Trinity Alumni - I can't begin to express my deepest thanks to you all for the Certificate of Appreciation you gave me.  I'll treasure this always.  To be honored this way from a very special group of people that I have great respect and feelings for, makes me so proud."

Thank you, Julio for your years as quartermaster, bus driver, and "chief go fer".

For those who would like to write to Julio, his address is 150 Victorian Way, W. Bridgewater, MA 02379

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We held our first elections on Thursday, 2/6/97.  The following officers were elected:

[Spacer] President: [Spacer]Jerry McKinnon
[Spacer] Vice-President: [Spacer]Bobbie (Collins) McKinnon
[Spacer] Secretary: [Spacer]Owen Devlin
[Spacer] Treasurer: [Spacer]Frank McKinnon
[Spacer] Trustees: [Spacer]Paul Geysen
[Spacer]Bill Grimes
[Spacer]Tony Inzodda
[Spacer]Dottie (Rogers) Solomon
who are now hard at work on our byo-laws and charter.

Tim Heffernan, Sr. used to call us space shots.  Maybe he was right because we are now in cyberspace.  We have an official Web Site on America OnLine.  The address is http://members.aol.com/htcaa/index.html.

About 100 people have visited our site since 1/22/97.  The contents include our Charter, pictures of all three Corps, an on-line version of two prior newsletters, on-line forms to apply for membership or send inquires, and links to other great drum corps and public interest sites.

Check us out and, while you're there leave a comment to let us know what you think.

We mailed over 150 copies of the October newsletter to alumni and friends.  In this issue, we expanded Trinity Trivia and added a new feature, Then and Now.  These could be a lot of fun if you help with trivia and pictures.
We also added two new advertisers, bringing our total to six.  Patronize their businesses whenever you can.  That is our thanks to them for reducing our production costs.

You can also advertise in our newsletter.  To do so, please send us a business card.  Rates are $25 per issue or $80 for four issues.

Birthday Banner
1/2    Mona (Qualls) McKinnon  2/23  Charlie Offley
1/13  John Shelby [Spacer]3/9    Owen Devlin
1/29  Sterling Anderson [Spacer]3/10  Bob Devlin
1/29  Mike McKinnon, Jr. [Spacer]3/10  Roberta Devlin
1/31  Frank McKinnon [Spacer]3/23  Jack Repta
2/6    Jerry McKinnon [Spacer]3/29  Richard Collins
2/13  Davis (Sonny) Collins [Spacer]and anyone we missed.

(If we missed your birthday, then we don't have the date. Please send it to us so we can update our records.)

[Congratulations Banner]
Jim McCormack who will relocate to Spain on business for the next two years.

Richard Collins who became a Grandfather for the first time on January 29, 1997.

Owen and Ginny (Jones) Devlin who celebrated their 34th Anniversary on January 19, 1997.

Mike and Mona (Qualls) McKinnon who will celebrate their 40TH ANNIVERSARY on March 9, 1997.  (Wow! A real accomplishment in this day and age.)

and any couple whose anniversary we missed.

(If we missed your anniversary, we don't have the date. Please send it to us so we can update our records.)

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