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We dedicate this issue to George Jannette,
instructor, mentor and friend.

[G. Jannette - 1956]

This picture of George was originally printed over forty years ago in the program for the third annual Cavalcade of
Drum Corps, June 17, 1956.  The dedication reprinted below is as appropriate today as it was when he left the
Cadets to start his tour with the West Point Army Band.

"To George Jannette, instructor of the Cadets, we gratefully and affectionately dedicate this program and the third
Cavalcade of Drum Corps.  Five years ago, when only fifteen years old, George began the work of building the Holy
Trinity Cadets.  A volunteer, without any certain expectation of remuneration, he gave unsparingly of his time and
talents.  May God reward him for his generosity and bless all his projects as He has blessed this one.  Our prayers
go with him.  Ad multos annos."

George was inducted into the Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame in April, 1996, a recognition
he truly deserves.  Congratulations, George!

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