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Then and Now . . . .

You should really have some fun with these.  Don't be too harsh.  After all, time will take it's toll.

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[Four Young Cadets]
Bob in the Holy Trinity Cadets
flanked by Buzzy Bergdoll,
Tim Heffernan and John Doucette.

[Bob in the Crusaders]
Bob in the Crusaders
[Bob At West Point]
Bob in the West Point Band
flanked by other members of the
"Hellcats" at an Army football game.

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William "Bill" McQueen
[Bill  - 1996]
[Bill at Lincoln House]
Then . . . .
(Left) As a member of Boy Scout
Troop 6, at the old Lincoln House
in the South End.
Now . . . .
(Right) At the Alumni Association
Reunion in the Local 7 Iron Workers
Hall on September 28, 1996.

Thanks, Bill, for all your efforts in helping us start the Alumni Corps
and for managing the Corps through it's first year.

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If you have any pictures like these, please share them with us.  We will keep them only long enough to scan
them into our computer.  Send them to Cadet's Corner at 6 Worcester Road, Sharon, MA 02067-2615.

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