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Beantown Bugle
by Eddie Rooney
(Reprinted from Drum Corps World - July 1956)
(Many thanks to Tom Healey, Drum Corps 5-6-7, for sending us this article.)

GREETINGS, READERS, we're starting this column off with a sort of tribute.  Seeing that Boston's HOLY TRINITY CADETS will enter the vast Drum Corps regions of the Midwest via the South Milwaukee Music Spectacle just around the time this issue of the WORLD is on the market.  We would like to introduce this corps to you, in particular those folks in the stands on that night.

The Holy Trinity Parish is located in the heart of one of the country's most congested slum areas and in a section of the city where youth activity under the right sponsorship is a "must".  Seeing the need for an activity other than athletics, etc., to keep the neighborhood boys of all religions on the right path, Rev. Robert J. Carr, S.J., the Pastor, inaugurated a Drum Corps program for the area.  The early days of this activity were met with a definite hostile attitude on the part of the local so-called "toughies".  Those boys who ventured into the activity had to brave the "cat-calls" and more dramatic measures handed out by the above.  Seeing that the Corps was not only surviving but it was pushing ahead, some of these same "toughies" fell into the membership line under the banner of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

  With the word fight being imbedded in their make-up, they decided to put this fight to better use and the only fight on their hands was to better themselves and reach the top. This goal over the past few years is being reached slowly but very surely.  The defeats they have had on the way up have been taken like gentlemen and they have earned the respect and admiration of each and every Corps with which they compete.  They may not be considered "world-beaters" as yet but you can be sure that if they keep up at their current pace, and with the determination they now have, they will settle for nothing less than the National Championship.

Brotherhood is evident in the HOLY TRINITY CADETS with Negro marching side by side with Whites, Catholics with Protestants.  Even though the backgrounds of these boys reach into every part of the world, they work as a united team.  They have a spirit which few Corps can boast.  All this reverts to their teachings by their Director, Father Carr, their very capable Instructors, and their efficient Quartermaster Staff.  Soooooo, if you are in the stands at South Milwaukee, watch them closely.  HOLY TRINITY CADETS is a real example of all-American youth in action.

(Think about it, friends: this column was written over 40 years ago!  A lot of water has gone over the dam since then.  It seems like yesterday that we boarded the Copley Tour busses for our first trip to Milwaukee.  For those who don't know, Eddie Rooney was the first Manager of the Holy Trinity Cadets and a well known organizer in the CYO and Eastern Mass. circuits.  While you may not completely agree with Eddie's choice of words or analogies, you have to admit he was proud of our Corps.  He's gone on to his just reward, but we know he's watching from the "Big Arena in the Sky".  He's probably busy organizing the Celestial Angels Drum & Trumpet Corps and chuckling at our recent endeavors to relive our youth.)

Alumni Corps Update

Well folks, for those who didn't believe it could happen, the Corps is for real.  We have received an invitation to the Thanksgiving parade in Plymouth on Saturday, November 22nd, and we have tentative plans to march in Natick on November 11th.  Close to a dozen new members have joined us since the last newsletter, and we hope to field 24 horns and 6 drums.  Now, about the Color Guard . . . anyone who is interested in joining the Color Guard should contact Mona (Qualls) McKinnon at 617-344-6857 as soon as possible.  November will be on us before we know it!

The Corps just elected its first board of officers, with Phil Martin as Director, Dave Webb as Manager, and Tony Inzodda, Peter Sheehan, Mike Tobin, and Richard Wright as Board Members.  (Good luck, guys!)

Just in case you don't know, we conduct section rehearsals on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Fogg-Roberts Post in Hyde Park and we hold all-corps rehearsals on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Iron Workers Hall in South Boston.  Come join us!  We know you will have a ball!

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