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Memorial Day, 2012
When I first constructed this page in 1998, every web site listed had an active link.  Unfortunately as time has passed, most of these web sites no longer exist.  However, I still list them as an indication of the sentiments and values of all those involved in trying to get a full accounting for our Vietnam POW/MIA.

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From Operation Just Cause  on 4/6/97
[OJC Member - 6.2K] Operation Just Cause is my first and most important membership.  I truly believe that we can attain a full accounting for our POW-MIA if enough of us join and participate in the effort.  The job is not done until all POW-MIA and their families can finally find peace!
Communicate with us at
OJC Control Center - 6.4K

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From Beverly Crowley at The Brotherhood on 4/14/97
"Thank you for inviting me to visit your website; it's one of the rewards for offering The Brotherhood membership.  I could almost feel your relief at finally being able to tell your story.  Being the wife of one of the enlisted ranks who is still active, my understanding runs deep.  No one wants to believe that even today, we still lose service persons at the expense of those who do not have the freedom we do.  I have pondered the use of National Guard for some of the out of country locations, and have come to this conclusion:  what better way for those who stay at home safe, to understand the sacrifices our service personnel make.  Welcome to the Brotherhood!"
[Thanks Beverly - 7.6K]
Member of
The Brotherhood
Thank you, Beverly!  I gratefully accept membership in "The Brotherhood" on behalf of my wife, Ginny.  We have been married for 34 years and she is as much a veteran as any member of the Armed Forces.  She has stood by me through "thick and thin" (and there has been plenty of "thin" since I returned from 'Nam).  As a service wife yourself, you know full well that "They also serve who only watch and wait".  Thanks again for the support from the distaff side.

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From The Rail on 4/23/97
[The Rail Icon - 1.6K]
"Welcome to The Rail!
Odie's Veterans Page has been assigned to The Military Train."

Our thanks to the people at Glacier Point for approving our site for The Rail.
You can access The Rail from the Site Menu on Odie's Veterans Page.  Navigate
to the neighboring site to the east or west by pressing the icon's left or right arrow.

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From Lady Jen at The POW/MIA Ring on 4/29/97
"Greetings!!  The POW/MIA Ring has won its first award!!  This beautiful award was created by Lynda Bustilloz, who is also one of our members.  It is proudly displayed on our POW/MIA Ring Homepage.  She has also created a beautiful gift for everyone in the Ring.  Please feel free to place them proudly on your sites; you all deserve them!!"
[Thanks Lynda - 5.5K]
Thank you, Lynda!  This is the first "Team Award" received and I'm glad it's for the POW/MIA Web Team that is fighting so hard for the return of our abandoned veterans.   Recognition like this helps us all maintain a positive outlook and is a terrific morale booster.  Thanks again for your consideration.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Mike "Higgy" Higgs at Operation Black Flag on 5/5/97
[Thanks Higgy - 20.5K]
"Enclosed is an award I am offering to all members of Operation Black Flag to recognize their participation in this program.  This award can be displayed anywhere on your site.  Thank you or particpating in this program.  We ARE making a difference out there.  Let's keep it going!"
Thank you, Higgy!  Your imagination is exceeded only by your creativity.  Operation Black Flag is a fantastic way to promote our cause.  Thanks for your initiative and for the spirited "Welcome Home!".

[Gold Line - .1K]
From LadyJen at The POW/MIA Ring on 7/8/97
"Greetings All!  I would like to present each and every one of you in the POW/MIA Ring, the POW/MIA Ring Patriotic Award.  It's just my little way of saying thank you for all your caring and hard work to get the word spread about our POW/MIA's.  God Bless!!  Jen" [Thanks Jen! - 5.6K]
Thank you, LadyJen!  You are the one that should be receiving an award!  The POW/MIA Ring is an outstanding success, due primarily to your excellent leadership.
I am proud to be a member.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From John P. Lorf at Lorfius Majorus on 7/9/97
[Thanks John - 41K]
"This is the "Lorfious Majorus POW-MIA Remembrance Award".  It is issued to those
who have dedicated at least one page of their
website to a POW-MIA."

Thank you, John, for caring enough to create this beautiful award!  I will gladly display it to support Operation Just Cause and our POW-MIA.

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