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Memorial Day, 2012
When I first constructed this page in 1997, every web site listed had an active link.  Unfortunately as time has passed, most of these web sites no longer exist.  However, I still list them as an indication of the sentiments and values of all those involved in trying to get a full accounting for our Vietnam POW/MIA.

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[Up - .1K] The First Site Awards [Down - .1K]

On 4/5/97, Odie's Veterans Page received five awards from a great bunch of guys before it even went public!  My hat goes off to George Fallon, Chuck Stewart, Ron Fleischer, and Ron Callahan for their release support and enthusiasm.  Odie's Veterans Page would not have made it to the Web without the encouragement of these four dedicated veterans.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From George M. "Gunny" Fallon at  The Meadow Years
"I have just returned from your site and you have done an outstanding job.  Welcome to the Web and to the cause... although I suspect you have been supporting the cause for a long time already.  Now, before Chuck or Ron beat me to it, please accept a token of my regard.  The attached are my way of welcoming you to our little Veterans Web family.  Take care and Welcome Home Brother."
[Thanks Gunny - 11.4K]
[My MIA - 17.7K]
Gunny also sent the information for my adopted MIA, Sfc. Deverton C. Cochrane, who was lost in Cambodia on June 16, 1970.  Please visit the page for My Adopted Hero and check all the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.  If you haven't joined Operation Just Cause yet, please visit "The Meadow Years" to learn how you can also add your voice to this important effort.  Gunny has been working tirelessly on this cause since its inception.  We all need to support him and bring our brothers home.
Thank you, Gunny!  Praise from someone who respects the written and spoken word as much as you do is high praise indeed.  Your reputation for your untiring efforts on behalf of our less fortunate brothers is legendary.  I am proud to add my efforts to the cause.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Chuck "Doc" Stewart at  Chuck's Military Pages
"I just came from your site. I am very impressed.  Make your debut and do it quickly. You have done a marvelous job and I'm proud to know that my site was somewhat of an inspiration for you.  I am attaching my Top Vet Site Award for your dedication to your country and your fellow man.  There aren't many of us left that still get chills when the National Anthem plays.  I salute you and welcome you home brother."
[Thanks Doc - 19.1K]
Thank you Doc!  As I told you earlier, yours was the first veteran's site I stumbled on around February12, 1997.  Before that, I did not know such a thing existed.  Your enthusiastic patriotism and strong support of all veterans gave me a new feeling of self-esteem.  My veterans page is the direct result.

Visit Chuck's site at
[Chuck's Page - 7.6K]

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Ron Fleischer at  A Tribute to the American Veteran
[Thanks Ron - 11.4K]
"Hey, I am speechless.  This is a fabulous page!  I am very glad that your wife dusted off your old ribbons and got you thinking about your service years.  Please accept the thanks of one American citizen for your loyal, courageous service to us all.  I would be honored if you display the Blue Knight Award for Patriotism.  Take care, and keep in touch"

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Ron Callahan at  Sidewinder Home Page
"Man, I never thought I'd see a web site authored by an officer as well put together as yours.  Great work and doubly great words.  You know how to tell the world how we vets feel.  Attached is a little gift to show my gratitude for your devotion and your outstanding home page. Keep up the good work.  Welcome home brother."
[Thanks Ron - 11.4K]
Thank you, Ron!  Not all officers are illiterate, only those that graduated from West Point.  (I'll probably be sorry I said that so before I get tons of mail from all the "ring knockers", I'm just kidding guys.)  All kidding aside, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you and pleased that Doc Stewart recommended my page to you.  Your encouragement was the frosting on the cake for my coming home party!

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[Up - .1K] Other Site Awards [Down - .1K]

[Gold Line - .1K]
From George Wilcken at George's Jungle on 4/14/97
[Thanks George - 8.6K]
"I just got back from visiting your site and thought it was great!  So... Congratulations!!!!  You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design.  Please wear our award with pride as your page deserves it!  Good luck and continued success with your wonderful site!"
Thank you, George!  Yours is the first award received since Odie's Veterans Page went public.  As a fellow MIS professional, I am honored to include the "King Of The Jungle" award on this page.  Your recognition makes the whole effort worthwhile.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Rodney Henry at  The Missouri Traveler - Top Gun Award Page on 4/15/97
"I've just come back from your page and I have to tell you I was deeply touched.  Pages like yours are important in the healing process - not just yours, but for the PTSD vet who visits it.  I feel you are providing a great service!  Please link me to your site.  I would deem it an honor.  By the way, here's a little something for your page!  Wear it with pride - You've earned it.  (To read why I give this memento, go to my Top Gun Award Page.)  Thanks for showing me a great page!"
[Thanks Rodney - 13.5K]
Thank you, Rodney!  I am proud to be included in your prestigious group of "Top Gun" award recipients.  Most of these people already know me because of their support and encouragement for Odie's Veterans Page.  Doc Stewart and Ron Fleischer were both instrumental in bringing my page to the Web.  Willie Dougherty, Tipi and Mike Higgs were among the first to provide valuable feedback after the page went public.  Like I said, prestigious company indeed!  It took a long time to put my thoughts into words (about 30 years or so). Now that they are published I hope they will help you in your daily work.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From the Webmaster at  Veterans News and Information Service  on 4/18/97
[Thanks VNIS - 3.8K]
"Your site has been chosen to receive the VNIS "Top Vet Site" Award.  This award is presented to sites which provide current and up-to-date news and information to the Military Veteran Community.  As an award winner you are entitled to display the "Top Vet Site" logo.  Again, Congratulations and keep up the good work."
Thank you, VNIS!  I am very pleased to receive your "Top Vet Site" award.  Recognition like this provides the encouragement I need to keep improving the site's quality.  Rest assured that we will continue to provide current news and information in line with the guidelines for the award.

[Gold Line - .1K]
*** From the Camp Circle at  Tipi's Retreat  on 4/22/97
"Your page still looks super Odie!  I just love it and I am so glad you are getting great responses to it.  This award is long overdue, my friend... you kept saying "I'm not done yet"... but it is so beautiful and inspiring that I have to do it now.  I'll make a better award if you can possible improve upon what is TOPS now!  When you check your entry in the Camp Circle, you can view other sites which made it to my awards page and see what the criteria is to be included there.  Thanks again for all your hard work and congratulations... I wish I could do more!  Tipi"
[Thanks Tipi - 10.9K]
Thank you, Tipi!  To say I am pleased about receiving your "13 Pole" award is an understatement.  Being one of only twelve recipients to-date, is a special honor!  I visited the sites at your Camp Circle and I'm thrilled to be included in such an exclusive and innovative group.  Thanks for all your kind words and moral support.

Read her Dad's Memoirs - Over 20 chapters of living history!
[Butte to Iwo Jima - 14.6K]

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Steve Golding at The PoW/MIA Forum  on 4/26/97
[Thanks Steve - 18.9K]
"Your Home Page is outstanding, OUTSTANDING; you touch on everything.  The PoW/MIA issue, the fact that the Vietnam Vets were not treated as home bound vets from other conflicts which taught the nation a lesson.  And you hit on the problem of Homeless Vets.  All very thought provoking and sincere.  Your MIA page is equally powerful - a shot in the arm that we activist-family members need!  This award is for BOTH your pages, together with my thanks for your diligence."
Thank you, Steve!  The appreciation is mutual.  You honor me with this "Remembrance Award" and your lavish compliments!  Your dedication to the cause and tireless efforts are obvious in the PoW/MIA Forum and the National Alliance of Families websites.  Thanks again for your kind words and this welcome home.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Renee Buchanan Daughtry at kat's Scratchin Post on 5/3/97
"The Vietnam War had a major effect on my life.  No, I wasn't there, but my father was.  He has quite a few scars and I remember him telling me about them.  Other than that, he really didn't talk very much about it.  I do remember him telling me about the people spitting on him and throwing refuse at him when he arrived back in the USA.  He would tell us how the little kids in Vietnam would try to sneak into the camps and mess with the food rations.  My dad always drinks coffee and leaves about 1 inch of coffee at the end.  When I asked him why, he said because of the ground up glass.  People like you make me proud to be an American.  Proud to know that there are people like you that DID make a difference.
[Thanks Renee - 12.7K]
I would be honored if you would accept my Crystal Award.  It is the highest honor I have to give and you deserve that and 10 more.  Thank you!  You are a brave and courageous man and I am glad you decided to tell us all about your experience!  Take Care and know, that you touched my soul and heart with your words.   You will be hearing from me again too!"
Thank you, Renee!  I can certainly empathize with your family experience.  It took many years before my son, Dennis, would accept me as a father.  He thought Daddy was the word for tape recorder!  I am certainly proud to receive your award but I am honored that you saw fit to share your experiences with me.  Your kind remarks go a long way in helping this veteran feel like he's really home!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Cari Hylton at LadyLuck's Palace  on 6/15/97
[Thanks Cari - 11.3K]
"I was deeply moved by the honesty, thought, and
emotion that you obviously put into your site.
Attached you will find my Hero Award.  This is an award I do not give out lightly, as a matter of fact
yours is only the 5th one I have ever given.
It is my way of saying Thank You, for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do.......
Welcome Home Odie!  Feel free to keep in touch!
Warmest Wishes,  Cari"

Thank you, Cari!  I am truly honored to be in such elite company as Col. Ted Guy,
George Fallon, Chuck Stewart, and your Dad, Joe Lape, USMC (Ret.)!  Your Hero
Award and your kind words are an inspiration to me.  My efforts, however, pale in
comparison to yours in behalf of Major McGarvey and all POW/MIA.  You honor all
veterans with your keen dedication to us and your patriotic support of our efforts.
Thanks from just one.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Colonel George A. Devorshak, USAF (Ret) at 
12th Tactical Fighter Wing Association  on 7/6/97

"The U.S. Air Force 12th Tactical Fighter Wing Association is pleased to announce that Odie's Veterans Page has been selected for the "Wings Award".  This award indicates our recognition of the excellence of your WWW page.  Congratulations!"
[Thanks 12th TFWA - 17.5K]
Thank you, members of the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing Association!  I was completely surprised when I checked my mail today and found your Wings Award.  I am very thankful for this "Out of the Blue" recognition of my efforts.  (Sorry guys, but the pun was just too good to pass up.)  Seriously, the spontaneous nature of this award makes it even more meaningful.  Your recognition makes the whole project worthwhile!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From SSG Dave McNally, USA on 7/28/97
[Thanks Dave - 2K] "Sir, Thank you for giving me the honor of visiting your site.  I
was impressed by the message and your outstanding graphics.
My brother is sixteen years my senior... he spent 12 months
on the ground in Viet Nam and has never spoken to me of it. You've done a great work here sir."

Thank you, Dave!  Hearing from Grafenwoehr brough back "fond" memories of manuevers in sub-zero weather.  I can recall burning powder bags to keep warm enough to operate the fire direction equipment on the artillery range.  All kidding aside, I'm glad to know that an active soldier can relate to my message from the Vietnam era.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Eddie Luffman at  A Time To Remember  on 7/30/97

"After visiting your site I am proud to present you with my "Friend of the Veteran" award.  This is an award that can't be applied for.  I get nominations from previous winners, or from visiting other sites that help Veterans.  Your site really touched a
part of me.  It brought back memories, fears, and loves.

Simply put, everything you have said is true!  I was only 13 when my Father went to Vietnam in 1967.  I still remember how scared I was for him, especially when he was at Khe Sanh during the TET Offensive, and again when he arrived at the end of the battle of Hue City.  My Father was a Navy Chaplain and volunteered for a tour in Vietnam.  He believed he was needed there, and believed the men at the "front" needed him just as much, if not more, than the ones "behind the lines".  At that time I was a scared and confused kid, but a lucky one.  My Father came home.
[Thanks Eddie - 11.7K]
Even then I couldn't understand why "our boys" returning from Vietnam were treated so badly.  Now at 43, I still can't understand it.  I've just retired after 20+ years in the Navy.  I enlisted towards the end of the Vietnam Conflict (1973), conflict hell, it was a war!!  I was also on active duty during the Gulf War.  I've been asked why I stayed in
if I felt so strongly about the mis-treatment of OUR Veterans.  My answer is the same as yours.  I love this country, plain and simple!!  Thanks for the great site!"

Thank you, Eddie!  Your award is as unique as your viewpoint.  I wish everyone in the country agreed with our brand of patriotism.  It seems that loyalty to flag and country
is a very rare commodity these days.  Fortunately there will be patriots in each generation who will understand the call to duty and the need to protect the freedoms others take for granted.  Enjoy your retirement, you earned it!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From SFC Frank Belonus (Dark Patriot) at Fiddlers Green on 8/1/97
[Thanks Frank - 9.3K]
"Owen, I just got done going all thru your web-site.  I am truly impressed.  It's a touchingly honest account of how so many Vets were treated and felt upon their home-coming.
Both my Father and Father inlaw served tours in Vietnam, so I can relate to your son.  I am now active duty, so I also see things from the other side of the fence.  Your son must be very special to be so supportive.  His loving words really got to me.  I hope for my son to be as understanding.
It is my great pleasure to extend this award to you.  You have undeniable right to it.  Your pages are excellent in content, graphically superb, and convey an honesty of feeling I have seldom come across on my jaunts around the web.  Congratulations, and welcome home my Brother.

Thank you, Frank!  This award is quite an honor coming from a highly decorated senior NCO and Cavalry Trooper to boot.  In my early days on active duty in 1963, (about 35 years before your first enlistment), I quickly learned that competent senior NCO's are the backbone of the Armed Forces.  Now I am learning that they are also
the backbone of patriotic activity on the web.  HOOAH!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Mike & Terri Crow at The Crow's Nest on 8/30/97
"I just visited your site and was truly touched by it.  You have found a way to show the American people what it means to be a Veteran.  Most people do not understand what you all went through, but it's time that they all wake up and smell the coffee.
It took my husband, Mike a long time to talk to me about Nam.  It's still pretty hard for him.  I've learned a lot from sites like yours and the kind Vietnam Vet's who were willing to share with this Marine wife what they went through so I could help my Marine.  Thank you for everything you have done.  You served your country when you were called and you are still serving her today by your web site.  WELCOME HOME!  I only wish I could have been there when you came back from Nam.  I would have given you a big hug and thanked you for fighting to keep America free.  
[Thanks Mike & Terri - 29.1K]
You are a true HERO in my book.   Please accept this small token of thanks now, it's not much but it's all I have to give.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!"
Thank you, Mike & Terri!  Folks like you are the real heroes!  Your untiring support for our missing POW-MIA and for Operation Just Cause is legendary.  Gunny respects you, your peers respect you and I salute you both for what you have accomplished.  I am honored to receive your award and will proudly display it on my site!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Karl "Kman" Kristiansen at  Karl's Korner  on 10/23/97
[Thanks Kman - 7.8K]
"Just got through visiting your site.  Great job!  You've expressed the feelings many of us feel in a very eloquent way.  I'm also a Vietnam vet (WestPac Oct'65-Feb'66 USS Mansfield DD-728) and spend a lot of time on line checking out other OJC and OBF sites.
It's amazing to see the real quality sites out there.  Yours is one of the best.  You've been there, seen that, done that, but most importantly, you've been able to convey your feelings to others via your webpage.  I salute you for a job well done and hope you will accept my Thumbs-Up award.  I can't think of a more deserving site.
Thanks and welcome home!"

Thank you, Kman!  I am proud to receive this award from a fellow Vietnam veteran.  Recognition like this helps me understand I am not alone and makes the whole effort worthwhile.  Thanks again for your kind words and the welcome home!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Larry J. Brugh (Wishmaker)  on 10/24/97
"I have visited your web site and it looks great.  I am truly pleased every time I find a web site put together to honor a family's commitment to the American Patriot.  Your commitment to the preservation of America is an honorable one and I am proud of our American Heros.  I would like to offer you my Keepers of the Torch Award for your web site, and your commitment to the defense of America.  Our family's share this noble commitement and I am proud to have found you so very commited to this goal.  Congratulations, Patriot."
[Thanks Larry - 6.9K]
Thank you, Larry!  Loyalty to flag and country is a very rare commodity these days.  That's why I'm encouraged to see patriotism flourishing on the web, particularly in sites like yours.  I am honored to receive your Keepers of the Torch award and assure
you I will keep the flame burning brightly.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Bill Osborne at Bill's Place on 1/8/98
[Thanks Bill - 7.8K]
"Odie, I just returned from spending quite a bit of time on your site.  Great Job Cap.  Would you do me the honor of accepting this humble tribute for all that you have and are doing for all POWs/MIAs and Veterans.   WELCOME HOME!  Bill"
Thank you, Bill!  I feel humble receiving an award from someone so involved in supporting our POW- MIA.  I'm sure your dedication and tireless efforts lifts quite a load from Gunny's shoulders.  You and your team worked wonders in restoring the Operation Just Cause web site.  Your own site is excellent, particularly the striking graphics, and I encourage others to visit.  Thank you for your support and for this handsome award.  I will display it proudly!

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Jen Bauer at the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters on 2/19/98
"I just wanted to personally thank you for your time and dedication to the Cause of bringing our POW/MIA's home!  Your voice is very important, and together, we will make a difference!  This award is my small way of saying "Thank You" for taking the time to care!  God Bless!"
[Thanks Jen - 5.4K]
Thank you, Jen!  You are the one that should be receiving an award for your untiring efforts on behalf of our POW/MIA and for your excellent leadership in bringing their situation into the open.  I am proud to be involved with people like you who really care.

[Gold Line - .1K]
From Ben Ciolczynski at  Home & Hearth  on 4/13/98
[Thanks Ben! - 4.6K]
"I guess I should begin by saying how much I enjoyed my visit to both of your tribute sites.  I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into your sites and the amount of information you have made available to vets and other visitors to your sites.  
Both sites are truly exceptional and reflect a very high degree of creativity and professionalism.  The excellent quality of content and ease of navigation make them well worth visiting and bookmarking for future reference.  I know you didn't apply for our Award of Excellence, but I would be remiss if I did not send you a copy of the award for your sites.  (The other site is The Massachusetts Vietnam POW-MIA Honor Roll.)  They are more than deserving of the award.  Thank you again for inviting me to visit your sites and congratulations on producing a couple of truly exceptional web sites."
Thank you, Ben!  All the effort you put into "The Cozy Corner of the Web" make me appreciate this beautfiful award even more.  I will display it proudly along with your inspirational quote from Galatians "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up!"

[Flag Rule - 1.5K]

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