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Remember When . . . .

. . . We came in first in singing? The commentary and photo below appeared in a mid-west drum corps publication after we appeared in Milwaukee in 1957:

"WOW, is that right? Sure is! One of the most thrilling drill movements was the COMPANY FRONT of HOLY TRINITY - straight to the 50 yard line! ! ! Don't know
the placing that day, but they were first in singing . . ."

[Sing 57]

Members of the Holy Trinity Cadets - 1957

. . . Certain members enjoyed an unauthorized night out on our trip to Milwaukee? (See Issue 1.) Hmmm . . . I wonder if any of the guys in the photo were involved in that escapade?

. . . We marched back to the hall from rehearsal at the MTA bus depot. When we passed the local "establish- ments" on Dover Street, Fr. Carr would take his hat off and pass it around for donations. He financed a lot of our "extras" that way. Rumors have it that each of these serenades netted about $50.

. . . While marching back to the hall, we played an "impromptu" arrangement of "Great Day". It sounded terrible! "OK" said George Jannette, "If you want to play it that much, we'll learn to play it right.". We did and it became one of our standards for many years.

. . . We always played upbeat music like "Everything Coming Up Roses", "Great Day", and "Whoopty Do".

. . . We became discouraged after losing so many contests and Fr. Carr reminded us it was more important to win the great contest of living than to win a hundred contests.

No matter what the judges said, we were winners!

If The Shoe Fits . . . .

Having said what I believe, namely that we are winners, please allow me to take off my editorial hat and pontificate or a while.  Everyone who is an active member, thank you for your support.  Please disregard the rest of this message.

Right now I feel like Yul Brynner in the "King and I" (and it's not because I'm losing my hair).  As he said to Deborah Kerr," 'Tis a Puzzlement!".  We know you are out there!  Why don't we hear from you?

You are part of our heritage.  We know you care.  A little time, and a phone call or 32 cents postage, is all it takes to tell us your opinion.  We want to hear it, whether it's comment or question, praise or criticism.  We need to know why you don't respond.  Is it the dues, or the early pressure to join the corps, or some old wound that needs healing?  Please tell us so we can fix whatever needs to be repaired.  Or better still, become involved in the elections between now and January.  Nominate someone who represents your viewpoint.  Attend the meeting and tell us in person.  Whatever you do, please don't leave us wondering why we can only reach about one-third of our mailing list.

Our significant success to date has been accomplished by a small, but effective, group.  A dedicated few are keeping our dream alive!  This can only go on for so long before they burn out.  Imagine what we could accomplish if more people became involved?  We need your help to accomplish our goals.

Let me reiterate, hopefully for the last time: You do not need to join the Corps to be part of the Association.

So, Please Join Now!
(We will bill you for dues when we process your application.)

We need your support, but more importantly, we need to renew old friendships.

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