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Holy Trinity Cadets In Competition - 1955

After winning the CYO Championship in 1953, several members from drum corps in Roxbury joined us, thereby forming a unique group - an integrated Drum & Bugle Corps.  The following article, printed in the Boston Record-American around 1961, shows the success of our efforts.  This is who we are!

A Lesson In Living

Holy Trinity Cadets Have Marched To Victory Over Prejudice

By Bill Duncliffe

If America is the melting pot of the world, then one of its mixing bowls has been set for years in the crowded streets of Boston's South End.

It is there that, for the past ten years, the Holy Trinity Cadets have been living and teaching the lesson that is perhaps their principal reason for existing.

The lesson, simply, is this: Bigotry is not an inborn thing; the young need not learn it unless they are taught it by their elders. And, if bigotry can be taught, so, too, can its opposite, brotherhood.

The Cadets are champions, not because of what they have won, but because of what they are.

They are a group of young people who have learned to live together, and work together for a common goal, in friendship and respect. This perhaps more than anything else, has made them one of the area's most popular drum corps.

In their ranks, at one time or another, have been boys and girls of French extraction, and of English, Irish, German, Polish, Negro, Chinese, American Indian, Filipino, and Jewish blood. Their forbears came from Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, or Belgium.

And not once, in their ten years of existence, have the Cadets ever had any difference on racial grounds.

The authority for that statement is the man who formed them and who represents the finest qualities of his calling.

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