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Alumni Corps Update

Our Alumni Corps is well on the way, thanks to the hard work of several folks, including Phil "The phone is part of my ear" Martin, Mike and Mona "Did you sell your hats" McKinnon, and Bill "The man of a thousand well-chosen words" McQueen.  We have our first song, "Cherry Pink", and it sounds great!  We are now learning "For All We Know".

Our instructors from the Two-Seven Alumni Corps have shown the patience of Job in this Herculean effort.  Many thanks to Al "Give me an F not an A" Cash, John "You should know this by now" Gore, and Jerry "Rules are not for me" Foley for their efforts and support.  All kidding aside, these guys are great!

We also have designed a new uniform.  Starting from the bottom up, we will wear white shoes, white tuxedo pants (adjustable for the more hearty members), custom-made white blouses with a blue and gold sash across the chest and around the waist, and white shakos with 8" blue plumes.  Really sharp!  A sample blouse is on display at rehearsals.  Stop by and take a peek.

Remember when life was simple and bugles had only one valve?  We are now using horns with a valve and a
@#$&*! rotor.  We have some leads for buying two-valve horns (to replace the rotors), drums, and color guard equipment, but we can always use more.  Please contact us if you know where we can obtain serviceable used equipment for a reasonable price.

How's this for dedication:

  - Phil Hill flew in from Denver, Colorado to pick up a horn and music.  He will join us each month from the "mile high" city.

  - Butch Johnson came on crutches after undergoing foot surgery.  His enthusiasm is contagious.

  - A few anonymous corps members have loaned us thousands of dollars of "front money" so we have not used any money from Alumni dues to start the corps.  We intend to continue in this mode until the Association is well founded and can consider financial support.

We practice on Monday nights from 7:00 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m. at the Fogg-Roberts American Legion Post in Hyde Park.  Of course, after such strenuous work, we adjourn for Coke, O'Doul's and lot's of memories.   Why not come by and check us out?

Atlantic City In September?

As you may have heard, we are tentatively scheduled to perform in an Alumni Show at Atlantic City in September.  We set this goal to give us something to shoot for.   Rest assured, if we are not ready to perform, we will not go!  As things stand now, the show is questionable because the organizers are having problems finding a suitable location.  More on this as the situation evolves.

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