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Remember When . . . .

. . . One of our Cadets tripped when he boarded the "Turtle" and ripped the sole off his shoe.  Without batting an eyelash, he waved the sole in the air and said "Give this to Fr. Carr.  He saves souls!".

. . . We were ready to perform at the "Big E" in Springfield, MA, using "The Colonel Bogey March" off-the-line.  The prior week, we had just learned "Everything's Coming Up Roses" as a new off-the-line.  During warm-up drills, the Corps members decided, on our own, to use the new routine.  We wowed the crowd and completely surprised our instructors.  They were chewing us out and praising us at the same time.

. . . The Cadets made their first trip to Milwaukee.  Our schedule consisted of 10-12 hour bus rides, stopping only long enough to eat; then performing exhibitions for the shrines and schools who allowed us to sleep on cots in their basements and gymnasiums, and finally lights out for the night.  With this hectic schedule, our more socially minded members found no time to take in the local scene.  After several days of this routine, certain members dubbed our trek as the "Shrine and Dine" trip.  More in a later newsletter about certain unnamed members who "snuck out" after hours.

. . . We looked like this?  How many Corps members can you recognize?

[CYO Champs]

This photo appeared in the South End Citizen, Thursday, June 25, 1953 with the following caption: "The Holy Trinity Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps which recently marched off the field at a CYO competition with the Class 2 Archdiocesan Championship.  On returning home to the South End the Cadets paraded through local streets to the applause of their neighbors.  The Cadets are managed by Ed Rooney, assisted by George Jannette, Walter D'Agostino, and Donald Mitchell."

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