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Alumni Association Update

Many thanks to Bobbie and Frank McKinnon for this letter about our recent meeting:

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Dear Members and Friends,

We held a meeting of the Alumni Association on Thursday, June 27, 1996 at the Fogg-Roberts American Legion Post in Hyde Park (Located on Harvard St. - off Cleary Square).

The meeting, chaired by Owen Devlin, went well and was quite productive. Several important issues were discussed by all pertaining to:

  1. The Alumni: We discussed things we can do to raise funds for undertaking the challenges explained in the Charter and in two previous letters.

  2. A Social Event: We will be having a social event in late September or early October.  Full particulars will be printed in the next newsletter.  Initial plans include a "Pot Luck" supper
    or a catered buffet if the price is right.

  3. Association Membership: We've had some response from ex-cadets, but you don't necessarily have to be a "cadet" to join.  If you know someone who may be interested, have them contact one of the people listed on Page 2.

  4. An Open Invitation: The Alumni is growing, slow but sure.  We'd love to have more faces to be present and become part of it.  So, "COME ON DOWN"!

  5. The Alumni Corps: As you may have heard, we have a Holy Trinity Cadets Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps (practicing as this is written) who are looking for people who are interested in joining.  Stop by and sit in, you might enjoy it.  They also meet at the Fogg-Roberts Post.

Our next Alumni Association meeting is Thursday, July 25, 1996 at 7:00 p.m.  We hope to see you there. . . . . Keep this handy - read it often.

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Editorial Note: We hope more of you will write to let us know what's happening or to express your opinion.  Space permitting, we will publish all we receive.

We also need photographs.  We will keep them only long enough to scan them into our computer. Originals are best but we can work from copies with reasonable clarity.

Please bring any correspondence and/or photographs to our meetings or mail them to Cadet's Corner, c/o Owen F. Devlin, 6 Worcester Road, Sharon, MA 02067-2615.

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