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The Holy Trinity Cadets Alumni Association
~ Established 1996 ~

Our Charter

While functioning as a Non-Profit Organization, establish contact with and maintain a network of prior Holy Trinity Drum and Bugle Corps Members (Corps Alumni).

Raise funds through membership fees, contributions, and advertisements for the purpose of assisting those in need and sponsoring an Alumni Corps.

Our Goals For This Year

Solicit membership from prior corps members and any friends who support our goals.

Determine types of assistance to be provided, such as grants, loans, and scholarships, and identify likely candidates for assistance, for example, homeless members and families and Pine Street Inn.

Determine interest in and sponsor an Alumni Corps, including acquiring instruments and instructors.

Pursue Group Plans, for example, insurance, purchase plans, travel, and sports.

Establish a newsletter, have at least one social function, and, by the way, have fun doing it all.


Membership is open to prior members of the Holy Trinity Cadets, Troubadours, Queens Maids, and any friends who support our goals.  To date we have 34 members.  With your help, we hope
to significantly increase membership during the next few months.  If you are not a member, please consider joining now.  The annual membership fee is $25.00, which may be paid in one lump sum
or in 5 monthly installments of $5.00.

Join Now!
(We will bill you for dues when we process your application.)

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