Link Guidelines
Thanks for your interest in MassHome, the "unofficial home page" for Massachusetts.  We appreciate your interest, but we also reserve the right to decide which links we will accept.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. This is a family oriented site.  We will reject any links that, in our opinion, could offend our audience.

  2. If you want us to add links to your site, please complete our URL Submission Form.

  3. We provide free links as follows:  one alphabetical;  one classified by your line of
    business;  and one link for each City/Town in which your business is located.  If
    you also serve other cities/towns, you can place additional links for $25.00 a year
    for each city/town.  Volume discounts are available.  Please contact us for details.

  4. Sponsored links which appear on the main page for each category, e.g. Real Estate,
    are available for $100.00 per year, first come - first served until the page contains
    six links.  Sponsored links which appear on the top of the first page for each city/
    town are available for $50.00 per year.  Please contact us for details.

We are gradually converting all our categories to a new format that includes alphabetical and city listings.  If you cannot find a link you had in our previous directory, here are some possible reasons:
  1. We have adopted strictly enforced editing rules for duplicates.  Multiple URL's all pointing to the same site have been reduced to a single link using what appears to be your base URL.

  2. Site names containing city/town references have been changed to link to the office location, for example, "Framingham Auto Sales" would now be listed as "Superior Auto Sales - Framingham".  The new link would then be listed in the Framingham directory and alphabetically with the "S" listings.

  3. Generic site names have been changed to list the actual site owner, for example, "Homes For Sale in Marlboro" would now be listed as "Harry's Real Estate Agency - Marlboro" with "Homes For Sale" as a comment.

  4. Site names containing a string of key words have been changed to list the actual site owner, for example, "Banks, Banking, Mortgage, Investment, Checking and Savings - Boston" would now be listed as "My Bank & Trust - Boston" with the key words entered as a comment.

Please contact us if you still have a question.